Varsity Ball - Indestructible
Varsity Ball - Indestructible Exercise Ball

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The Varsity Ball is the original, highly-addictive play companion and interactive toy for large, athletic, and high-energy dogs.

The Varsity Ball dog toy provides dogs with an excellent full-body workout. Guaranteed Indestructible.

UPDATE: Production of this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer until further notice. Because of this, we don't have an expectation of getting these restocked anytime soon.

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The Varsity Ball dog toy is the original, highly-addictive play companion and interactive toy for large, athletic, and high-energy dogs. Among other large dog toys, big dog toys, tough dog toys, and indestructible dog toy ball.

Second-to-none, itís the key to quickly and effectively exercising your dog through a unique full-body workout that requires little to no human investment. Call it whatever you like: a tough dog toy, a durable dog toy, an indestructible dog toy, an unbreakable dog toy, a toy for high-energy dogs, a toy for tough dogs, a toy for athletic dogs, or a toy for big dogs -- this large indestructible dog ball simply cannot be destroyed.

The Varsity Ball is a dog toy designed for use by large, athletic, and high-energy dogs such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherd Dogs, Mastiffs, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, and Pointers.

This large indestructible dog ball is perfect as a toy for herding dogs, a toy for working dogs, a toy for big dogs, a toy for tough dogs, a toy for athletic dogs, or a toy for high-energy dogs.

The Varsity Ball provides dogs with an excellent full-body workout.

That's why it is trusted by competing canine athletes, handlers for military working dogs and law-enforcement K-9 units, pet service industry professionals, and top behavioral trainers. When combined with a proper diet, workouts with the Varsity Ball will help control conditions such as obesity and help your overweight dog to lose weight. Canine exercise with toys like the Varsity Ball also help to manage problematic canine behaviors induced by anxiety, stress, and excessive energy.

The incredible Varsity Ball is made in the USA using a PATENT-PENDING design process. This dog exercise ball simply cannot be destroyed.

The PATENT-PENDING design allows dogs to exercise with the Varsity Ball all by themselves.


Varsity Balls and Junior Varsity Balls are designed for outdoor, herding-style play; they are NOT chew toys.

As you'll soon see for yourself, these are big, hard-plastic dog exercise balls. We hope it's obvious to you that chewing on them could result in softened incisors or other forms of dental damage, just as chewing on, say, a rock might.

In our experience, most dogs that have an affinity for our products don't try to chew on them---they play as intended, by herding the ball with their snouts and by manipulating it with their paws. But some do. So please be sure to supervise your dog while they're playing, just to make sure that they don't get the wrong idea.

If you find that your dog loves their Varsity Ball but is consistently trying to chew on it, there are at least two things we'd suggest that you try.

The first is working with them to teach them how to play safely. A step-by-step training guide is probably outside the scope of this message but the idea is simple enough--- dogs are excellent at learning new behaviors and herding-style play can be taught, just like "sit," "stay," or "fetch" can.

The second suggestion is to purchase an inexpensive open-mouthed muzzle and to use it during play. This suggestion came to us from the Douglas County (GA) Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit, whose canine cops are so intense that they simply cannot be persuaded not to bite their Varsity Balls during play. So the officers from Douglas County started muzzling their dogs during play and they say it's a perfect solution to the problem---it completely prevents chewing but doesn't in any way dampen enthusiasm or hinder panting.

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