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MUZZLES: How to Measure


To size your dog for a muzzle, please take the following measurements as described:

Eye Base
Middle point between tearducts. Note this point's location for measuring purposes.
Snout Length
Measure distance from one inch below eye base to tip of nose, along bridge of snout.
Snout CircumferenceOne inch below eye base, with mouth closed and tape measure snug, wrap tape measure around the snout.
Snout Height
One inch below eye base, with mouth closed, measure vertical distance from the snout top to snout bottom. DO NOT measure at an angle or curve the tape measure. DO NOT put an object into dog’s mouth.

***Height measurements over 7” are an indication instructions were not followed. Please review and remeasure.

Snout Width – At widest point below eye base, measure distance from left side to right side of snout. Keep tape measure horizontal in a straight line, do not curve around.

Once your dog’s measurements have been taken, please email the figures to us at Support@DeanTylerProducts.com and we’ll be happy to assist with sizing. Please include a few photos of your dog, ideally profile and front shots as well as one full-body. Please state their gender as well as age, weight, and breed if those details are known. If you have an idea of the style or model you’re interested in, please specify as many have their own size charts and a size in one will not necessarily translate to another model.

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