We treat our dogs like family and we only trust Dean & Tyler products for their safety, comfort, and style.

As a small, dog-loving company, we guarantee customer satisfaction with every Dean & Tyler product and service.

We're obsessed with quality because pet safety and comfort is our highest priority! Rest assured: we only offer products our pets would use.

For both family pets and working professionals, we offer a wide variety of collars, leashes, harnesses, muzzles, bite tugs, pillows, sleeves, suits, and accessories.

Our Products
All Dean & Tyler dog products are made from the most durable raw materials and are assembled with premier craftsmanship.
Dean & Tyler products have been designed and tested to ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Please see our
Manufacturer's Warranty for details.

Leather: D&T leather undergoes a combination tanning process from century-old tanneries in the Netherlands and United Kingdom. First, our hides are tanned with a Chrome Salt solution to make the leather flexible and more resistant to heat and scratching. Then, the hides are Vegetable tanned to make them firmer and more water-resistant. Our leather items are hand made by our dedicated craftsmen, based in Europe.

Over the years, Dean & Tyler leather goods will become softer, not weaker and will develop a distressed vintage look. Wax is brushed on the edges of D&T leather products to prevent fraying, and give a smooth finish. Similarly, all stitching implements waxed or neoprene thread. Customers can expect their D&T leather to last for at least a decade, with the exception of non-typical circumstances (repeated chewing).

Nylon: A few D&T harnesses and leashes are made of double-ply, neoprene nylon. If your 's dog harness needs to be weatherproof, exercise friendly, light reflective, and affordable, D&T Nylon is a perfect fit. Nylon Leashes are available in corded and flat models with ultra strong nickel or brass clasps; some have the option of a Nappa leather padded handle. These items are made by hand in Europe.

Dean & Tyler "Working Dog Products" (Products that contain the words Certified, Police, Sheriff, Military K9, Border Patrol, Customs, K9 On Duty, Narcotics K9, etc...) and "Working Dog Badges" (Badges that contain the words Certified, Police, Sheriff, Military K9, Border Patrol, Customs, K9 On Duty, Narcotics K9) are sold strictly for legitimate identification purposes only.

Working Dog Products will only be sold to Certified Dogs or law enforcement personnel or agencies.
Badge numbers or Certification documents must be verifiable. Please include a department name and phone number, along with your badge number if applicable, in the "Notes" field upon checkout if you are asking for any of the products mentioned above.

The purchase of a Dean and Tyler identification badges is NOT a proof or certification for your dog. Identification badges are sold to individuals who have provided truthful information and documentation verifying the purchase is intended for a professional working dog. Terms of purchase include but are not limited to; submission of proper credentials, accurate information and agreement to of terms of use.

Purchaser agrees to assume all liability including litigation and any associated costs that may occur as a result of misrepresentation or misuse in the purchase or use of Dean and Tyler "Working Dog Products." Dean and Tyler is not responsible for injury, damages or loss caused by misrepresentation or misuse of "Working Dog products."