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Here you will find an assortment of Dean & Tyler training accessories.  From agitation sticks and whips to treat bags and silent whistles, we have everything you need to aid you in training your dog.   Why reach for treats when you can keep them close at hand with the Dean & Tyler smart pocket vest?  Do you need to agitate your dog into bite training but find they have become immune to passive aggressive comments?  Then you need a Dean & Tyler bamboo stick!  All of these fine products will help you in training your dog so don’t forget to pick up some of these accessories, especially the treat pouches.  You dog will definitely approve!
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Sprenger Silent Training Whistle Sprenger Silent Training Whistle

Audible to Dogs up to 1,400 feet

Regular: $14.60
Treat Bag Treat Bag

Adjustable Waist • Velcro Enclosure

Regular: $15.80
Training Pouch Training Pouch

Multiple Pockets • Washable

Regular: $30.60
Agitation Training Whip Agitation Training Whip

Comfortable Handle

Regular: $23.00

Agitation Training Stick Agitation Training Stick

Leather Baton

Regular: $23.00
Agitation Training Bamboo Stick Agitation Training Bamboo Stick

Noise and Distraction

Regular: $23.00
Dog Training Vest Dog Training Vest

5 Fixed & 1 Detachable Pocket • Pouch
• Removable Sleeves and Fleece Lining

Regular: $99.10

Dog Training Smart Pocket Vest Dog Training Smart Pocket Vest

5 Fixed Pockets • Trap Door
• Removable Sleeves and Fleece Lining

Regular: $117.20