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Agitation Collars are designed to actually not agitate a dog while engaging in bite work and protection training as opposed to prong collar, choke collar, or thin leather collar.

These wide flat leather dog collars are comfortable enough to allow the dog in training to pull without too much pressure on neck. If you do not want any pressure on the dog's throat, please consider an Agitation Harness.

Dean & Tyler uses premium double-ply leather in our agitation dog collars. You will love the quality of the leather and craftsmanship.

Check out our Agitation Harnesses and Agitation Muzzles
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Simplicity+ Leather Dog Collar with Handle Simplicity+ Leather Collar with Handle

L: 18" - 40" • W: 1¾"
Black, Brown • Brass or Chrome

Currently Unavailable
Regular: $91.95

DT Cobra|Patch Collar DT Cobra-Patch Collar

L: 18" - 37" • W: 1½" • Black
Cobra Tactical Buckle

Currently Unavailable
Regular: $102.10

Working Dog Patches containing the words Certified, Police, Sheriff, Military K9, Border Patrol, Customs, K9 On Duty, Narcotics K9, Service, Therapy, etc… are sold strictly for legitimate identification purposes only and will only be sold to Certified Dogs, law enforcement personnel, or agencies.

Customer agrees to assume all liability including litigation and any associated costs that may occur as a result of misrepresentation or misuse of the purchase or use of Working Dog Patches. Seller is not responsible for injury, damages, or loss caused by misrepresentation or misuse of Working Dog Patches.

Please email a copy of your credentials to [email protected] . Thank you for your cooperation. Badge numbers or Certification documents must be verifiable. Please include a department name and phone number, along with your badge number if applicable, in the “Note” field upon checkout.