***ATTENTION ALL CUSTOMERS: Please be advised that due to the growing conflict in Ukraine and the closing of certain transit routes, shipments from our European production team have been arriving later than our standard posted lead time.

Effective immediately, all made to order items will carry a lead time of 6-8 weeks from the order placement date. We are actively seeking logistics solutions which will shorten this window, and we appreciate your patience while we navigate this evolving situation.

If you have any questions regarding the availability of a specific item, please reach out to Support@DeanTylerProducts.com.


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The Victory | Leather Dog Harness The Victory - Leather Harness

Medium - X Large Black, Brown, Tan
Brass, Nickel Optional Handle

Regular: $190.85

Mars | Leather Dog Collar Mars - Leather Collar

L: 14" - 40" W: 2"
Black, Brown, Tan

Regular: $73.35

Simple Treasure | Leather Dog Collar Simple Treasure - Leather Collar

L: 14" - 40" W: 1"
Black, Brown, Tan

Regular: $73.85