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Gift Card Harness Strap Extension Pair of Working Dog Patches
Harness Strap Extension
Regular: $8.50

Pair of Working Dog Patches
Regular: $10.95


Extends Girth Strap for Nylon Harnesses
Small, Medium, Large Sold as Pairs 85+ Text
Pair of Fun Pet Patches Leather Care Kit Nylon Bridge Handle
Pair of Fun Pet Patches
Regular: $10.95

Leather Care Kit
Regular: $9.95

Nylon Bridge Handle
Regular: $19.40

Small, Medium Sold as Pairs 25+ Text

Includes Micro fiber towel, leather conditioner/cleaner inside convenient pouch

L: 24" - 36" Chrome Plated Steel
Solid Brass
Simichrome Hardware Polish Leather Conditioner & Cleaner | BICK 4 (2oz.) Leather Cleaner | BICK 1 (2oz.)

Safe and Effective
Leather Conditioner and Cleaner
Safe and Effective
Lether Cleaner
DT SPRENGER LINK | 3.25MM DT SPRENGER LINK | 3.99MM Harness Additional Chest Support
Regular: $3.70

3.25mm extra links 3.99mm extra links

Chest Support for DT Works