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Whip Agitation Stick Bamboo Stick
Regular: $23.70
Agitation Stick
Regular: $23.60
Bamboo Stick
Regular: $23.20
Comfortable Handle
Leather Baton
Noise and Distraction
Full Protection Bite Suit Scratch Pants Scratch Jacket
Full Protection Bite Suit
Regular: $1,386.00

Scratch Pants
Regular: $173.50

Scratch Jacket
Regular: $167.50

Synthetic French Linen
Neoprene Nylon Adjustable Suspenders
Neoprene Nylon Single Detachable Sleeve
Scratch Suit Lightweight Trial Bite Suit Training Vest
Scratch Suit
Regular: $340.70

Training Vest
Regular: $99.10

Neoprene Nylon Adjustable Suspenders

Single Detachable Sleeve
Synthetic French Linen Palm Protectors
5 Fixed & 1 Detachable Pocket Pouch
Removable Sleeves and Fleece Lining
Smart Pocket Training Vest Palm Protector
Smart Pocket Vest
Regular: $117.20

Palm Protector
Regular: $49.30
5 Fixed Pockets Trap Door
Removable Sleeves and Fleece Lining
Adjustable Straps