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Shop Sprenger collars, the most trusted and reliable metal collars on the market.

Choose from pinch collars, prong collars, ClicLock, Ultra Plus, Neck Tech, Curogan.

Made in Germany, quality metal and craftsmanship guarantee.
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Sprenger ULTRA|PLUS Training Collar | 3.25mm Sprenger ULTRA|PLUS Training Collar | 3.99mm Sprenger Traditional Choke Collar | 3mm

L: 23" +/- links W: 3.25mm
Chrome Plated Steel

L: 25" +/- links W: 3.99mm
Chrome Plated Steel

L: 16" - 28" W: 3mm
Chrome Plated Steel
Sprenger Large Fur Saver Collar | 4mm DT SPRENGER LINK | 3.25MM DT SPRENGER LINK | 3.99MM
Regular: $3.70

L: 20" - 32" W: 4mm
Chrome Plated Steel
3.25mm extra links 3.99mm extra links
Sprenger ULTRA|PLUS Training Collar with Quick Release | 3.25MM Sprenger Pinch Collar With Swivel | 3.9MM NECK TECH STAINLESS STEEL COLLAR | 19"

L: 23" +/- links W: 3.25mm
Chrome Plated Steel
L: 19" Pinch Collar
NECK TECH STAINLESS STEEL COLLAR | 24" Curogan Pinch Collar by Sprenger  | 3.25mm Sprenger Triple Choke Collar
Sprenger Triple Choke Collar
Regular: $45.95

L: 24" Pinch Collar
L:23" by W:3.25mm

L: 18" - 26" W: 2mm
Chrome Plated Steel
Sprenger ULTRA|PLUS Training Collar | Antique Copper | 3mm Pinch Collar Nylon Cover Sprenger Show Collar | 1mm
Pinch Collar Nylon Cover
Regular: $18.10


L: 22" +/- links W: 3.25mm
Antique Copper Chrome Plated Steel
Dean & Tyler nylon cover 1mm thick